Plum Fiber

Product use: laxative during pregnancy


Organic prunes, natural and safe

1 bottle = 10 catties of French prunes

Dietary fiber, promote bowel movement

Breastmilk-grade prebiotics, health for 2 generations

Product specifications:500ml/bottle

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Product Details

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    Origin: Italy
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    Shelf life: 24 months
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    Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place, eat as soon
    as possible after opening
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    Edible method: It is recommended to consume from 40ml per day,
    drink directly or dilute in water/other beverages (about 200ml)
  • Safe

  • Efficient

  • Easy

  • Tasty

Natural organic prunes

Only pick ripe fruits.
They are sweeter and more delicious, with full grains,
firm flesh, and higher fiber content.

Natural plum juice

Low sugar is healthier.
Available for the whole family Natural Prune Juice
Daily supplement Restoring intestinal motility.

Tips: Shake before eating. Once a day, keep eating for 5-7 days. After drinking, you can drink
200-300ml warm water to lubricate the intestines and promote defecation.During pregnancy, as the fetus enlarges and compresses the intestines, the effect on the
intestinal peristalsis is more serious. You can increase the amount of 20ml by yourself.