Bird’s Nest DHA

Product use: promote fetus growth during pregnancy and lactation


Vital for the development of eyes and brain

Add bird's nest essence

1 piece = 1 cup of rare bird's nest

Grape flavor, super delicious

Product specifications:21 tablets/box

Product Details

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    Origin: Italy
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    Shelf life: 24 months
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    Storage method: dry and avoid light, store at room temperature
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    Edible method: One tablet a day, chew directly
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    Applicable age: during pregnancy, pregnancy, lactation
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    People with sensitive taste can swallow with warm water
  • Tasty

  • Easy

  • Efficient

  • Safe

Yan rare bird's nest

Taken from Indonesia's light-haired golden swiftlet during
the rainy season Optimum during pregnancy.
"The Land of Thousand Islands" Ideal Living Place
Low impurities and more pure Swiftlet is bigger and fuller

Natural seaweed extract, safe and pure

Extract high-quality Schizochytrium from the
deep sea below 2000 meters,Professional physical
extraction, no chemical residues

1 capsule 300mg High content 4 times absorption*.Atural grape extract 0 Artificial Colors 0 sugar 0 Flavor
Nutritional ingredients/grain:Seaweed oil (50%) 600mg; DHA in seaweed oil 300mg; bird's nest acid 10mg.Other ingredients: purified water,
glycerin, lemon oil,blackcurrant extract, xylitol, erythritol

* absorption rate refers to the proportion of DHA increase in infant plasma
source:Effect of docosahexaenoic acid supplementation of lactating women on the fatty acid composition of breast milk lipids and maternal and infant plasma phospholipids