Brand Introduction

Mom's Garden started with "Mom's Care",holds the philosophy of “Care, Science, and Nature”.We carefully select 100% natural materials to
produce “Safe and Effective” products, guarding family’s health for our careful moms.

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Plum Fiber
Organic prunes, natural and safe

1 bottle=10 catties of French prunes*
Breastmilk-grade prebiotics, health for 2 generations
Dietary fiber, promote bowel movement
Available during pregnancy

* fatsecret Calculated by calorie website

Bird’s Nest DHA
Extract the power of nature

Add bird's nest essence
Eye and brain development is one step faster
1 piece = 1 cup of rare bird's nest
Grape flavor, super delicious

Product Series

We have been committed to researching and developing high-quality products with modern scientific certification and traditional
experience, adhering to the anti-luxury product style of "simple packaging and fine manufacturing", and adhering to the brand spirit of
"simple and pure, back to the original", and "family" As the center of the circle, multiple product series are extended.

Basic nutrition
Gastrointestinal care
Sleep health

We believe that healthy living is never just a concept.
It is contained in three meals a day, throughout the four seasons.We are willing to do our best
for everyone who desires health!